Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Save the Date.... and the Flowers!

Traditionalism in the wedding world doesn't hold quite as much weight as it used too....As brides strive to become more unique than the last, wedding decorators, planners, florists, stationary creators and everyone else involved in the process are looking for new ways to make their brides stand out! 

We at MBM are no exception to that statement! We love to create, fresh new items for clients, starting with FLOWERLESS ALTERNATIVES!! The reason is, and let's be honest about it.... flowers as the staple of all weddings?!? Not exactly the greatest idea that was ever brought to life!

 Haven't you even been a part of or a guest at a wedding where the centerpieces or bouquets were ungracefully dying right before  your eyes?? Not the picture of wedding grace, that's for sure. Even if they're not withering away, same as the night.... Isn't that the centerpiece you saw at last weeks wedding?!?!? Don't get us wrong, some floral arrangements can be unique and beautiful, most are arranged in similar styles and vases than the others.

In the recent months, we have created custom bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres that are anything but ordinary! The pictures below showcase our latest flowerless creations!! Our pinecone, crystal and feather bouquets, along with the matching boutonnieres and handmuffs for the girls are part of our winter wonderland collection! To accent the table, you may also love our  manzanita trees draped in crystal!!

Continue scrolling and you will see the 'crystal stunner' bouquet accompanied by a handmade satin fabric  flower and crystal bouquets for your bridesmaids! All of these Satin Flowers are custom made for this bouquet! They were crafted by the super talented Lara and her Likron Boutique! 

You can also get a taste of some flowerless church decor as well as crystal and feather centerpieces!!

Last but not least.... in the spirit of summer....the seashell bouquet. Every beach brides best friend!

Please keep following for part two of of our flowerless journey for our not so ordinary brides!

Keep Calm and Craft On!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's

MBM has spread our social wings and has entered the blogosphere!
We are so excited to share our creative mind with you as we add a little touch of magic to each event from start to finish! 

In addition to being able to follow each of our events step by step, we will be blogging the most recent trends in the wedding industry as we create new products for our brides. 

Our most popular accessory set is inspired by the notorious Tiffany & Co. box. It is not unknown that most girls dream in Tiffany blue! So why not have the best day of your life... with the love of your life... be all that your dreams are made of. Who doesn't want a sexy man down on one knee holding a little blue box....Are we right Ladies??

It is our pleasure to be able to bring our clients dreams to life!

With that being said......drum roll please.....we introduce our couture Tiffany & Co. inspired line! Purchases can be made here

Some before shots.......

Annnnndddddddd the final products.....

The result becomes a gorgeous Tiffany card box...a Tiffany inspired place card, table menu, program, and table number, which of course ties it all together with your Tiffany invitation!

Stay tuned for more creations from MBM!!