Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our New Website

Magic Beyond Midnight is proud to announce that our long anticipated website has been launched! 

The website was designed around the logo that was created for us last spring, going with the nontraditional pink and green. What do you all think? 

On our website you can find a link to our Wedding Wire reviews and awards both on the home page and in the About Us section. Also from the home page, there is now direct access to our etsy shop! YAY! 

More importantly our website showcases our past work through photos under headings such as:
-Boutonnieres, Corsages and Bouquets
-Invitations and Stationary

With social media being very popular now-a-days, we have included a tab dedicated to all of our social media outlets that updates regularly. Additionally you can view our blog right from the site as well. 

As always you can contact us through the contact form to start discussing your planning process!

All wedding planning services are done through Something-Social who we proudly partner with!
Please check back to our website soon for a direct link to Something-Social's page. 

Please visit us at and check back frequently for updates and additions!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let it Snow - Winter Wedding Ideas

While we don't like to make it a habit of jumping from Halloween one week to Winter the next, with the snow gracing us this morning we thought it only fitting to share some winter wedding ideas.

Winter weddings now account for more than 30% of all annual nuptials, so what exactly is causing this trend to be on the rise?? 

As fur, feathers and twinkle lights gain popularity in style and decor, so do the rise in winter weddings; but style isn't the only thing that are attracting couples to the colder months. Pricing can also be an appealing feature, with many venues giving a handsomely discounted rates in 'off season' months.

In our very first blog we talked about how the traditional wedding flower is losing popularity and it just may be that winter weddings are part of the reason. It's no secret that flowers don't bloom in the winter, so trying to 'fake it' isn't always something couples opt to do, and alternatives to flowers are a perfect solution. 

Below we will discuss some stationary and decor ideas that are perfect for our cold weather couples.

Instead of traditional flowers, decorated hand muffs are the perfect accent for your girls!

Since winter months often eliminate outdoor celebrations simple and elegant decor can dress up any indoor space. White branches look beautiful lining the aisle of your ceremony.

With Christmas being the staple of the winter, invitations and stationary that mimic a gift  are beautiful and classy, regardless of the event!

To purchase: Christmas Wedding Invitation

Pinecones can be used as winter accents in a variety of ways! Dousing them with glitter and adding a name tag make them a perfect escort card option. 

To Purchase: Pinecone Escort Card

Dressing up pine cones even further, they make stunning bouquets and boutonnierres! Pearl, crystal and feather touches make this bouquet and boutonnieres a gorgeous choice for anyone looking to make a statement.

To Purchase: Pine Cone Bouquet

Couple are often at a loss when it comes to favor ideas, but in the end practicality and usefulness are often important to the bride and groom. (Guests can only have so many candles with someone else's initials on them) Everyone loves edible treats!  Hot chocolate cones can be customized to your colors with both sprinkle and ribbon choices.

To Purchase: Hot Chocolate Cones

Usefulness and beauty go hand in hand with this custom ornaments made as a favor for your guests. This specific ornaments was tailored to match the colors and theme of this bride's winter wedding! 

To Purchase: Custom Ornaments

Possibilities for winter weddings are endless, so if you're a bride interested in making your big day into a winter wonderland visit on etsy for more ideas and inspiration!