Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our New Website

Magic Beyond Midnight is proud to announce that our long anticipated website has been launched! 

The website was designed around the logo that was created for us last spring, going with the nontraditional pink and green. What do you all think? 

On our website you can find a link to our Wedding Wire reviews and awards both on the home page and in the About Us section. Also from the home page, there is now direct access to our etsy shop! YAY! 

More importantly our website showcases our past work through photos under headings such as:
-Boutonnieres, Corsages and Bouquets
-Invitations and Stationary

With social media being very popular now-a-days, we have included a tab dedicated to all of our social media outlets that updates regularly. Additionally you can view our blog right from the site as well. 

As always you can contact us through the contact form to start discussing your planning process!

All wedding planning services are done through Something-Social who we proudly partner with!
Please check back to our website soon for a direct link to Something-Social's page. 

Please visit us at and check back frequently for updates and additions!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let it Snow - Winter Wedding Ideas

While we don't like to make it a habit of jumping from Halloween one week to Winter the next, with the snow gracing us this morning we thought it only fitting to share some winter wedding ideas.

Winter weddings now account for more than 30% of all annual nuptials, so what exactly is causing this trend to be on the rise?? 

As fur, feathers and twinkle lights gain popularity in style and decor, so do the rise in winter weddings; but style isn't the only thing that are attracting couples to the colder months. Pricing can also be an appealing feature, with many venues giving a handsomely discounted rates in 'off season' months.

In our very first blog we talked about how the traditional wedding flower is losing popularity and it just may be that winter weddings are part of the reason. It's no secret that flowers don't bloom in the winter, so trying to 'fake it' isn't always something couples opt to do, and alternatives to flowers are a perfect solution. 

Below we will discuss some stationary and decor ideas that are perfect for our cold weather couples.

Instead of traditional flowers, decorated hand muffs are the perfect accent for your girls!

Since winter months often eliminate outdoor celebrations simple and elegant decor can dress up any indoor space. White branches look beautiful lining the aisle of your ceremony.

With Christmas being the staple of the winter, invitations and stationary that mimic a gift  are beautiful and classy, regardless of the event!

To purchase: Christmas Wedding Invitation

Pinecones can be used as winter accents in a variety of ways! Dousing them with glitter and adding a name tag make them a perfect escort card option. 

To Purchase: Pinecone Escort Card

Dressing up pine cones even further, they make stunning bouquets and boutonnierres! Pearl, crystal and feather touches make this bouquet and boutonnieres a gorgeous choice for anyone looking to make a statement.

To Purchase: Pine Cone Bouquet

Couple are often at a loss when it comes to favor ideas, but in the end practicality and usefulness are often important to the bride and groom. (Guests can only have so many candles with someone else's initials on them) Everyone loves edible treats!  Hot chocolate cones can be customized to your colors with both sprinkle and ribbon choices.

To Purchase: Hot Chocolate Cones

Usefulness and beauty go hand in hand with this custom ornaments made as a favor for your guests. This specific ornaments was tailored to match the colors and theme of this bride's winter wedding! 

To Purchase: Custom Ornaments

Possibilities for winter weddings are endless, so if you're a bride interested in making your big day into a winter wonderland visit on etsy for more ideas and inspiration!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Bit of Hocus Pocus

It's no secret that we leave a trail of sparkle where ever we go.... and we mean this literally. Any space occupied by MBM, whether it be a carpet, hardwood floor, back yard or venue each finds itself embedded with glitter and rhinestones from our past orders and events!

So... when it comes time for Halloween, a normally darker and spooky holiday, we wanted to add a little hocus pocus of our own to this Day of the Dead!  There's no reason all Halloween decorations should be are few ways to dress up the holiday for all of you Halloween Queens.

Below are two very different invitations that can be used for Halloween themed events. The more formal of the two is the black pocket feather invitation, trimmed with black rhinestones. This was created for one of our gorgeous October brides, perfectly showcasing her love of Halloween.

The second of the two is an orange folder, with orange design paper and a black shimmer matte. The inside of the invitation showcases 5 different Halloween fonts, to give the invitation depth. The matching insert is perfect for an RSVP or in this case additional details. No Halloween invitation is complete without the sparkly orange and black bow.

Of course Halloween is showcased best by decorations. Here are some DIY ideas that are sure to make Halloween Sparkle!

The sparkle witch has was made with shimmer material. Additions include sparkle leaves, black flowers with shimmer stamens, black tulle roses, a sparkle spider, glitter pumpkin and wisteria flowers.

Something as simple as black satin chair wraps stuffed with  sparkle leaves, feathers and branches can transform your Halloween decor. They are accented by a spider web table cloth.

Dressing up your mantle in all things that glitter is an easy way to add depth to your decor. Glitter leaves, candles, skulls, arrangements and tea lights in purple and orange are all seen below. The candle holders are accented with rhinestone eyed skulls. 

The witch hat and Halloween tree below are made from cones, satin and sheer ribbon and rhinestones.

Lastly, you can adorn your pumpkin with black rhinestones and give it a glitter leaf base with slitter rose, wisteria and spider accents. Glitter infused tealights in orange are a perfect sidescape for this piece! 

Happy Halloween Everyone!! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hole In One...or 30!

It's very rare that our posts do not contain items that shimmer and sparkle, but there is definitely cause for an exception today! 

Last weekend Magic Beyond Midnight celebrated a very special birthday. One of my oldest and dearest friends, who also happens to be Jenna's handsome hubby Mike, is the next one to join the 30 club...Last weekend Jenna threw him a party that certainly welcomed him into his 30's with a bang!

Jenna dubbed the party the 'Dir- Tee 30'; not only was it a surprise to the birthday boy, but all decor incorporated his favorite past time...GOLF!  Jenna organized a bar crawl for Mike, complete with a bus for transportation from place to place, matching 'tee's' and bar crawl bags. There were 10 bars included on the crawl, and a pit stop for food re-fuel.

The party didn't stop there... after a full day of local bar hopping, the night gave way to a backyard BBQ, complete with the birthday boy being roasted by his friends and family and a DJ who made sure to keep the party going.

The BBQ is where MBM was really able to put the finishing touches on the golf theme... 

In early September all guests received the invitation  to the crawl and BBQ, complete with a map of the bars. Jenna designed the invitation so that you could respond to the crawl, BBQ, or both! Everyone was able to input their t-shirt sizes so when they arrived the day of, Jenna had their shirt ready, in their bag.

Bar Crawl Bags

 Mike seeing the invite for the first time...

Everything including  dinner and dessert revolved around golf. Just to make sure no one missed the connection, we created Golf Themed Stationary to label each item in the 'Caddy Buffet!'

What's a party without centerpieces? The golf balls, flag, tees and green are a perfect match for the party and this backyard, which is set on a golf course.

 The birthday boy and his fabulous wife!! Mike and Jenna with the golf cake and their matching tees!

Dessert included Golf Cake Balls on Tees and Faux Grass, with any array of other golf ball decorated items!

Orange and Green was the overall color scheme, down to the utensils.

Jenna designed a keepsake for Mike that was displayed at the BBQ - The most recent addition of Golf Digest, showcasing Mike and his swing. 

The 'stage' for the roast included a 19th Hole Flag...

Needless to say the party was a huge success, everyone had a blast and Jenna left no stone unturned, managing every detail down to the 30 on the back of the shirts!

It's always fun to break away from the ordinary glitz and glam that surrounds Magic Beyond Midnight and there is no better reason to do so than in honor of Mike's birthday! Friday is the big day!!   Happy Birthday Mike! Welcome to 30!!!!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

All That Glitters....

Two months ago we debuted what we called the 'Glitter Invitation' on Facebook and it quickly caught a lot of attention.

While this style is a simple neutral colored 6x6 square folder, the glamorous sparkle backing, along with the crystal brooch makes it a hard one to pass up. The original idea was presented in gold tones, with the same sparkle paper, backing a monogram donning the exterior.

Soon after this shimmering stunner made it's debut, we incidentally ran into glitter ribbon... What a perfect match! The inside of the invitation was a beauty, and of course the outside deserved the same treatment. So why not add a little flair for the dramatic?? And we did just that... by adding the matching glitter ribbon, it gave this already popular invitation a whole new twist.

With this invitation gaining popularity much quicker than we expected, we thought why not give our clients more to choose from. Today's post will be the first reveal of the all new 'All That Glitters'  Invitation Line.

These invitations mimic the style of the original gold, but boast different colors and less costly non-brooch options, for those couples who love the sparkle, but whose budget may not allow for all the trimmings.

Rose Gold Glitter...

Winter Wonderland Glitter - Includes Silver and Blue Sparkle and a Snowflake Brooch.

Purple, Blue and Black!


Black and White - Great for a New Year's Eve or Black Tie Wedding.

These invitations will soon go on sale in our Etsy Shop so check back soon!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lunch at Tiffany's...

Since we've already had breakfast at Tiffany's (blog post July 23rd) we thought Lunch at Tiffany's was in order for MBM!

Since introducing our Tiffany Inspired Stationary early in 2012, we've received an overwhelming response, making the Tiffany Collection our best selling items to date. As time marches on we will be introducing more items to the collection, branching out far beyond the world of paper....

This week we have created a gorgeous white fabric bouquet accented in Tiffany Blue brooches, satin sheen material and crystal handle wrap...

Each satin flower was handmade by Lara, of the unique Likron boutique. You can visit Lara to browse or purchase her beautiful creations here:

Once those flowers are  assembled by us into a bouquet form, each one is adorned with either a brooch center or a matching rhinestone center, depending on its size and shape.... Here is the final product!

This bouquet can of course be transformed from Tiffany Inspired to fit any bride's imagination; colors for flowers and brooches are endless.

This bouquet, along with all of our other Tiffany Inspired Items, can be purchased here: 

Don't just dream in color... dream in Tiffany Blue!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Josephine and Sammy - Part II

August 24th has come and gone and Josephine and Sammy’s wedding was more spectacular that we ever imagined! The new Mrs. Renna stunned her guests, looking incredibly beautiful and well, Mr. Renna, he looked as handsome as ever!! 

While this fabulous couple is having what we hope is the time of their life honeymooning in St. Lucia we wanted to bring you a wedding recap of the magical night!

As you know from our blog last week, MBM was responsible for the following décor and accessories…

Church Décor
Place Cards
Accent Decor, i.e, candles, lights, etc.
Favor Tag

All of which went off without a hitch! While the preparation for the big day started months ago, the finals days looked a little like this... 

Before crystallization

After the trees had been crystallized!

Josephine stopped by with her dress a few days before!! 

For Church décor, Josephine chose silver sashes to line the aisle, backed by shimmer flowers and feathers!

 For centerpieces, the couple chose alternating scapes to brighten up the room!

The first piece was a 4ft feather and crystal wonderland!! Each tree branch was wrapped in cascading crystals, as was the tree ‘bark’.  Feathers were added for a dramatic effect. The top and the bottom of the pieces were lit with LED lights to dramatize the scene! All LED lights were wrapped in crystals as a disguise. 

The second centerpiece was an all crystal chandelier. It hung on heart accented hooks. The chandeliers surged to 36 inches in length. The hooks were adjusted to about 5ft high, to be sure guests could mingle comfortably with 2 feet of space between the table and the chandelier.  The chandelier was also lit with LED light bases that were covered in feather trim….

 The bouquets and boutonnieres were complete show stoppers…. Josephine’s bouquet was 100% genuine Austrian Crystal. The hand wrapped stem, showcased satin ribbon with rhinestones following the seam… as a final touch, a crystal bow was added to the handle…

 Photo courtesy of Gene Gabelli Photography


 The beautiful bridesmaids wore a royal blue, and carried handmade satin flower bouquets, adorned with crystal brooches, feathers and rhinestones. The colors Josephine chose were perfectly accented and the bouquets stood out exquisitely against the dress.

  Photo courtesy of Gene Gabelli Photography

The boutonnieres and corsages were made from the same hand tailored flowers. Each boutonniere housed 3 small flowers, 2 feathers, rhinestones and a crystal stem. The groom’s boutonniere had one flower, with a large brooch center. feather and crystal stem!

  Photo courtesy of Gene Gabelli Photography

Each stationary item the bride and groom chose, was a perfect match to their invitations, which was showcased in last weeks blog! You can see the set together in the photo below!


Similar items can also be purchased here:

Other accents included things like crystal wrapped candles, a small feather centerpiece for the sweetheart table and lots of lots of sparkle!

While we are very sad to see this couple go, we couldn’t be happier for them and the way the wedding turned out. All of their hard work paid off, as each guest who passed through seemed to enjoy their beautiful choice of décor and seemed to have a fabulous time on the dance floor! We wish Josephine and Sammy a lifetime of love and happiness!  They will be missed! 

See additional photos of the beautiful couple below!! 

 Above 4 Photos courtesy of Gene Gabelli Photography