Monday, October 20, 2014

A Christmas Party for the Queen....

This past week MBM has the privilege of designing and crafting a Christmas Party Invitation for Ms. Colorado 2013, Mina Muirhead.

Specifically, the Christmas Party would play host to all of the recent Pageant Queens from each state. 

Ms. Colorado chose beautiful colors for the invitation, envisioning something sparkly, to mirror these beautiful ladies and their dynamic work with various charities. While it is a Christmas Invitation, uniqueness was a strong factor, straying away from your standard red and green colors. Inevitably teal glitter was chosen as the backdrop of this super fancy invite.

In an effort to make the invitation stand out, we chose a swirly font for the important wording, using Bickham Script and swashes, highlighted in teal colored fonts. 

A matching RSVP card was included in the suite for the Queen's responses. The traditional 'M' for the name line was replaced with 'Queen.' 

As with many of our custom created invites, the back of the invitation included our signature stamp.

We were so excited to be a part of the planning and hope the Queen's have as much fun at the party as we did designing the invites!

Keep  your eye out on etsy as these beauties will be available for purchase this week!! 


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Weddings ... Inspired by The Little Mermaid

Just because our summer is coming to an end, doesn't mean summer weddings have to! Our southern states and beautiful destination spots play host to 'summer beach weddings' long into the winter months...

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Cori and Patrick a wonderful couple, native to the gorgeous beaches of Pass-a-Grille, Florida. With a backdrop as beautiful as their hometown's surrounding beaches, they didn't have to look far for a wedding venue. 

Cori and Patrick found MBM after seeing our Disney Collection, specifically those adorned with glitter and the beach themed 'Ariel' inspired invitation. Taking these two ideas and joining them together, we were able to create an invitation perfect for the couple's 'Wedding Weekend Celebration,' that even Ariel would be proud to show off. 

To reflect the bride-to-be's sparkly style, we used a teal glitter as the centerpiece to their invitation, backing both the monogram and the wording with glitter in shades of teals and greens. We accented important wording and headings with the same color, making it stand apart from everything else... the Bride and Groom's name, date, titles, etc. The interior ribbon held a crystal encrusted starfish, reiterating the beach theme throughout the invitation. Matching ribbon was used outside as an closure, adhered to the monogram, which boasted their names and wedding date.

Cori and Patrick had 3 inserts for their wedding, since their celebration will last a the whole weekend! The 'Response' of course, where guests have the opportunity to respond to one or all events. The 'Reception', which give us a peek into their wedding by giving guests the wedding website link for additional details and photos of the couple. Lastly, the 'Details' card, which gives guests an opportunity to view itinerary and description of each event, prior to responding. Since most guests will be from out of state, the more detail they have in advance the better.

Congratulations Cori and Patrick!!

This invitation will soon be available for purchase with the rest of our Disney Collection!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Saving the Date...

It has been a busy wedding season at MBM, between bookings, orders, events and prep work, we have been off the blogosphere for almost a month.

Therefore, there is no better way than to re-introduce ourselves to our followers than with something we've never blogged about before; the all important Save The Date.

As you know, Save The Dates are sent in advance of your wedding invitations, letting guests know to keep the couple's nuptials on their calendar. In most cases they are used for long engagements, and go out many months or years before the invitation is even starting to be created.

Uniqueness is something MBM adores; being able to put your own spin on your wedding with different ideas, themes and decor makes us, and more importantly, your guests happy. No one wants to feel like every wedding they go to is exactly the same, right down to the ever popular flower ball centerpieces.

Dee and Joe, one of MBM's super couples, are the definition of unique wedding ideas. They met in college, where Deanna played softball and Joe, baseball. Paying homage to their roots, they're splashing their wedding with baseball themed accessories, at the same time, keeping it really elegant.

To start the fun, with the help of the super talented owners of Refined Impact, we were able to create this gorgeous Save the Date.

The stadium / ticket / scoreboard themed magnet, showcases the couple's engagement photos. Even more cleaver are all of the 'hidden' gems, including the fact that the couple is watching themselves on the scoreboard that includes all their wedding details. The ball, strike and out count is  even their wedding date! 

Dee and Joe chose the beautiful Il Tulipano for the reception; their logo is seen on the top right. The brides family church, St. John Canty, will be the setting for the ceremony and is showcased on the top left. The ticket location section tells the guests to ' Get Ready 2 Play. ' 

It's easy to get lost in the details of this creative piece, and so fun once you notice everything going on. The custom created logo finishes the bottom of the save the date!

We are very excited to begin working on this wedding and look forward to bringing you more baseball details of the big day!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Glorivette's Creations

Relationships are an extremely important part of life, that is no exception for business owners. Having strong vendor relationships make day to day business activities easier, for a number of reasons. It's always great to know that there are other people who share in your passion for you creative projects and understand how important your clients are to you.

As an etsy seller, we want to introduce one of our favorite fellow etsy shops... Glorivette's Creations. Glorivette puts a unique spin on useful items such as every day organizational tools, decor and fashionable jewelry. One of the main reasons, aside from the gorgeous items,  we love Glorivette's shop is simply because she boasts a little bit of everything!

Who better to tell you about her products than the super talented creator herself...

A Message From the Owner:

Glorivette's Creations was founded in 2005. I aim to create handmade items that are unique, beautiful, and affordable. Glorivette's Creations is unlike any other business because it simply has a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I have items for all ages and every style. My goal is to make unforgettable items that people want to treasure forever. 


We want to showcase a few different  items from Glorivette's Creations. However, you can visit her shop and view all of her gorgeous pieces by clicking the shop name above.

First up are these adorable custom pillows that include your baby's birth announcement! This is such a great way to decorate your baby's nursery or a perfect gift to give to the proud parents or grandparents. These can also be customized a little differently...

Glorivette Says:

My Announcement Pillow is truly a unique and customizable item. Great for any person or occasion. Many customers have used these 12 x 12 pillows to announce the birth of a child, marriage, or family tree! This item keeps people talking and definitely a thoughtful gift for anyone.

The second featured item are handmade Pillow Letters. You can get one, two or 20! Since they're handmade, any name is available in any color!

Glorivette Says:

Pillow letters are something I have been creating for some time! They are great for names, especially if you have a unique name like "Glorivette". My name is one you can not find when shopping in a store looking for "personalized items". I can make any size name, long or short! Many people have used these pillows for decorating beds and even as wall decor in children/teen rooms!
Lastly, MBM's personal favorite! Unique Dry Erase Boards!! Not only are these boards made to match any room in your house, they are extremely functional. Whether you like glitz, sparkle, flowers or rustic, one can be tailored to your particular style.

Glorivette Says:
I was inspired to create lovely framed dry erase boards when I decided I was done with having sticky notes cluttering my space! Sticky notes are small, get lost, and are a waste of paper. Now I have a board in almost every room of the house (all matching the room's decor). For example: In my kitchen I have my "Need To Buy List", in my sons room (2 years old) he has his "Bed Time Check List", which he looks forward to checking off every night.
We are so very excited to be able to blog Glorivette's unique ideas and more so showcase her exceptional talent!! MBM is happy to know someone who shares in our love of creativity. We hope that you get to visit Glorivette's Creations  and take advantage of the beautiful items that are for sale.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Congratulations Samantha!!

This past Saturday, we had the privilege of celebrating with one of our own!! Regina's beautiful cousin Samantha graduated Stockton College with honors last month and we couldn't be prouder.

We had the task of making Sam's invitations back in March and needed something to mirror her unique personality, but not overtake the day.

With suggestions from the graduates mom we came up with.....

The invitation features a Stockton Blue ribbon, with black backing, reflective of Sam's school spirit. Being a history major and future educator, she's a fan of maps. While mapped invites certainly are unique enough, we decided to make Sam's Jersey Pride show through on this invitation by mapping the famous landmarks in her hometown of Ocean City, NJ. This layout came complete with our graduate's house and favorite shore spots... the stunning Beach and Boardwalk of OC.

                                                                      (Samantha and Regina)

Congratulations Samantha!! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Look At This Stuff...Isn't it Neat?

Our Disney Invitation Collection's Complete!

While our original release date was slated for this fall, consdering the popularity of our June 2nd "Coming Soon....' Post, we worked extra hard the past three weeks to get the invitation line designed and perfected!

We are so happy to introduce our Disney Princess Inspired Collection, so without further ado...

In honor of our blog title, we will begin with the story of Ariel. Our Little Mermaid inspired invitation asks your guests to be 'Part of Your World!' Mimicking colors of the sea, as well as Ariel's Fins, this rhinestone studded invitation allows for beautiful simplicity, while capturing the feel and look of one of Disney's most beloved princesses. The corner designs, reflect Ocean Waves, while the print font does the same with the swirls beginning each line for added flare.

Next up is the beautiful Belle! Styling the invitation after her gorgeous gold gown and Beasts handsome blue suit; the gate fold style allowed us room for a sparkle gold ribbon, shadowing a solid gold ribbon and gold brooch. The interior corners are slatted for the wording layer and designed to look similar to the stain glass present in Beast's Castle. The infamous rose is also present amongst the wording.

In honor MBM's name, Cinderella, probably Disney's most popular princess, has the honor of being next! The invitation designed for Cinderella is nothing short of glamorous! The angle of the invitation, takes the shape of the glass slipper, while the glitter is intended to present the magic from the fairy godmother. The satin white ribbon and shimmer blue backing, are a perfect match to Cinderella's ball gown, with a simple brooch to add additional drama. Let's keep a close eye on the 2015 release of Disney's Cinderella movie and see if they stick to the original blue.

Disney's second oldest princess, is Aurora or as many of you know her... Sleeping Beauty. We tried to stay consistent with the vintage book style fonts for this one, as this movie begins and ends with a book opening and closing, representing Aurora's story. We ultimately decided on a book fold invitation to match the ideas presented in the movie. The gold and pink colors were used to match both her gown and her golden hair... the feel of the gold invitation, also represents the past.

Disney's Oldest Princess is Snow White... The colors used here are indicative of this porcelain beauty's dress and cape. We couldn't leave out the magic mirror, which encompasses the wording for the big day! The bow that adorns the front and interior pay homage to the bow Snow wears in her hair.

For our two newest princesses...

Rapunzel...The tangled movie gave us long golden locks, finished with flowers as well as Rapunzel's purple dress. The paper colors reflect her dress and the flag of her kingdom. The yellow ribbon and flowers, not only represent her hair, but also the golden sun logo the movie often showcases, in addition to the lanterns.

Lastly, is Elsa. The movie Frozen has gone viral, and while our original frozen invitation is performing wonderfully, since Elsa is so current, we decided to make another invitation to intensify the collection.
We've added sparkle to the pocket and exterior flap to denote winter... The white tulle bow and brooch parallel snow (and Olef) and the shimmer of the ice castle Elsa creates in the movie. The interior snowflake design and rhinestones are indicative of Elsa's swirling frozen magic!

If you have a love for Disney and the Princesses, these invitations are perfect for you and sure to impress your guests.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming line of Children's Invitations. Not only will they be Disney inspired, but also simple child friendly designs. For a sneak peak, please see our children's version of the tangled invitation below!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Oh Canada....

This past week we had the pleasure of completing Jamie and Mitchell's Wedding Invitations! The bride and groom, a handsome couple from the the beautiful Saskatoon, SK in central Canada. 

It's no surprise that our glitter invitations, are very popular, however, this couple changed it up a bit. Using a simple flat layout, with no folder, they decided to use a gold and silver mixed glitter backing, with shimmer ivory paper for their wording. Their RSVP boasts unique pictures, allowing guests to choose their meal based on the images...

You may also notice the custom logo that adorns the back on the invitation. It's something new we are adding to all non-folder CUSTOM DESIGN invitations, letting the couples know the invitations are unique, solely to them... 

We couldn't be happier for this lovely couple and hope November 9th brings them a perfect day!

As always, you can visit us on Etsy, by clicking here.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Coming Soon.... Out of the MBM Vault

As many of you know, Disney's Cinderella is the inspiration behind the name 'Magic Beyond Midnight.' Recently, the Walt Disney Company announced the 2015 release of Cinderella, making it perfect timing for an announcement of our own! Coming this fall, MBM will be releasing a line of invitations inspired by Disney's most beautiful stories...

Currently, MBM is in the midst of designing these wedding invitations, inspired by your favorite Disney Princesses. These invitations will not be your normal, child friendly, picture filled invitations, but rather grown up versions of the stories that we love.

While these invitations will boast colors that mimic your favorite princesses, sparkles and some other surprises, what you will not see, are photos or silhouettes of the princesses or other characters present on the designs... What we are working to achieve is a more elegant, formal version of invitations for those brides who want to add touches of Disney Magic to their day, without overworking the notion of Mickey Ears...

These invitations will be suitable for our very own, real life princesses and I am certain that once completed, Ella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna will agree...

To see the Official Teaser Trailer for the 2015 release of Disney's Cinderella, click here.
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You can also visit us on Wedding Wire for reviews from past clients as well as Pinterest and Facebook for photos of our current work.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rebecca's Shower

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending our dear friend Rebecca's shower. Since we were recruited to design her stationary (photos to follow in our upcoming blog), we knew we were expected to get creative with her gifts!

We came up with a theme that related to Rebecca and Joe's Wedding photos... Anything and everything the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. could use to spruce up their pictures, take pictures of or take pictures with were included in their basket of fun! Along with the items we made, we came up with a poem explaining the meaning of each to the couple and the guests of the shower...

After the planning
and bachelorette fun,
After the party
when the wedding is done
You will still have the memories
But they too will fade
Your pictures will capture
The moments you’ve made

To make sure they’re perfect
With each pose and smile
We’ve made some things to help you
With your trip down the aisle

This hanger we’ve bent
Molded and shaped
Will hold up your dress
With your new name and date

To remind you of your vows
Here are stickers for your shoes
The Brides Say ‘I Do’
And the groom’s say ‘Me Too’

To announce your entrance
Jack can carry this sign
Letting Joe know
You’re not too far behind

When Ralph makes his speech
We’ll all raise our glasses
You’ll need these flutes
To join in the masses

This ampersand tells the story
of your wedding day
Take photos with it
We made it pink and gray


This Mr. & Mrs. Sign
celebrates the new bride and groom
Use it on your sweetheart table
then hang it in your bedroom

The photos you collect
will have style and flare
guests use this hashtag
smile, then share


Can’t wait for the big day!! We love you both!
Regina & Jenna
Stay tuned for more on Joe and Rebecca as the wedding day approaches!!

Poem copyright of Magic Beyond Midnight 2014