Friday, September 20, 2013

Lunch at Tiffany's...

Since we've already had breakfast at Tiffany's (blog post July 23rd) we thought Lunch at Tiffany's was in order for MBM!

Since introducing our Tiffany Inspired Stationary early in 2012, we've received an overwhelming response, making the Tiffany Collection our best selling items to date. As time marches on we will be introducing more items to the collection, branching out far beyond the world of paper....

This week we have created a gorgeous white fabric bouquet accented in Tiffany Blue brooches, satin sheen material and crystal handle wrap...

Each satin flower was handmade by Lara, of the unique Likron boutique. You can visit Lara to browse or purchase her beautiful creations here:

Once those flowers are  assembled by us into a bouquet form, each one is adorned with either a brooch center or a matching rhinestone center, depending on its size and shape.... Here is the final product!

This bouquet can of course be transformed from Tiffany Inspired to fit any bride's imagination; colors for flowers and brooches are endless.

This bouquet, along with all of our other Tiffany Inspired Items, can be purchased here: 

Don't just dream in color... dream in Tiffany Blue!

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