Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hole In One...or 30!

It's very rare that our posts do not contain items that shimmer and sparkle, but there is definitely cause for an exception today! 

Last weekend Magic Beyond Midnight celebrated a very special birthday. One of my oldest and dearest friends, who also happens to be Jenna's handsome hubby Mike, is the next one to join the 30 club...Last weekend Jenna threw him a party that certainly welcomed him into his 30's with a bang!

Jenna dubbed the party the 'Dir- Tee 30'; not only was it a surprise to the birthday boy, but all decor incorporated his favorite past time...GOLF!  Jenna organized a bar crawl for Mike, complete with a bus for transportation from place to place, matching 'tee's' and bar crawl bags. There were 10 bars included on the crawl, and a pit stop for food re-fuel.

The party didn't stop there... after a full day of local bar hopping, the night gave way to a backyard BBQ, complete with the birthday boy being roasted by his friends and family and a DJ who made sure to keep the party going.

The BBQ is where MBM was really able to put the finishing touches on the golf theme... 

In early September all guests received the invitation  to the crawl and BBQ, complete with a map of the bars. Jenna designed the invitation so that you could respond to the crawl, BBQ, or both! Everyone was able to input their t-shirt sizes so when they arrived the day of, Jenna had their shirt ready, in their bag.

Bar Crawl Bags

 Mike seeing the invite for the first time...

Everything including  dinner and dessert revolved around golf. Just to make sure no one missed the connection, we created Golf Themed Stationary to label each item in the 'Caddy Buffet!'

What's a party without centerpieces? The golf balls, flag, tees and green are a perfect match for the party and this backyard, which is set on a golf course.

 The birthday boy and his fabulous wife!! Mike and Jenna with the golf cake and their matching tees!

Dessert included Golf Cake Balls on Tees and Faux Grass, with any array of other golf ball decorated items!

Orange and Green was the overall color scheme, down to the utensils.

Jenna designed a keepsake for Mike that was displayed at the BBQ - The most recent addition of Golf Digest, showcasing Mike and his swing. 

The 'stage' for the roast included a 19th Hole Flag...

Needless to say the party was a huge success, everyone had a blast and Jenna left no stone unturned, managing every detail down to the 30 on the back of the shirts!

It's always fun to break away from the ordinary glitz and glam that surrounds Magic Beyond Midnight and there is no better reason to do so than in honor of Mike's birthday! Friday is the big day!!   Happy Birthday Mike! Welcome to 30!!!!!

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