Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rebecca's Shower

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending our dear friend Rebecca's shower. Since we were recruited to design her stationary (photos to follow in our upcoming blog), we knew we were expected to get creative with her gifts!

We came up with a theme that related to Rebecca and Joe's Wedding photos... Anything and everything the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. could use to spruce up their pictures, take pictures of or take pictures with were included in their basket of fun! Along with the items we made, we came up with a poem explaining the meaning of each to the couple and the guests of the shower...

After the planning
and bachelorette fun,
After the party
when the wedding is done
You will still have the memories
But they too will fade
Your pictures will capture
The moments you’ve made

To make sure they’re perfect
With each pose and smile
We’ve made some things to help you
With your trip down the aisle

This hanger we’ve bent
Molded and shaped
Will hold up your dress
With your new name and date

To remind you of your vows
Here are stickers for your shoes
The Brides Say ‘I Do’
And the groom’s say ‘Me Too’

To announce your entrance
Jack can carry this sign
Letting Joe know
You’re not too far behind

When Ralph makes his speech
We’ll all raise our glasses
You’ll need these flutes
To join in the masses

This ampersand tells the story
of your wedding day
Take photos with it
We made it pink and gray


This Mr. & Mrs. Sign
celebrates the new bride and groom
Use it on your sweetheart table
then hang it in your bedroom

The photos you collect
will have style and flare
guests use this hashtag
smile, then share


Can’t wait for the big day!! We love you both!
Regina & Jenna
Stay tuned for more on Joe and Rebecca as the wedding day approaches!!

Poem copyright of Magic Beyond Midnight 2014

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