Saturday, June 21, 2014

Look At This Stuff...Isn't it Neat?

Our Disney Invitation Collection's Complete!

While our original release date was slated for this fall, consdering the popularity of our June 2nd "Coming Soon....' Post, we worked extra hard the past three weeks to get the invitation line designed and perfected!

We are so happy to introduce our Disney Princess Inspired Collection, so without further ado...

In honor of our blog title, we will begin with the story of Ariel. Our Little Mermaid inspired invitation asks your guests to be 'Part of Your World!' Mimicking colors of the sea, as well as Ariel's Fins, this rhinestone studded invitation allows for beautiful simplicity, while capturing the feel and look of one of Disney's most beloved princesses. The corner designs, reflect Ocean Waves, while the print font does the same with the swirls beginning each line for added flare.

Next up is the beautiful Belle! Styling the invitation after her gorgeous gold gown and Beasts handsome blue suit; the gate fold style allowed us room for a sparkle gold ribbon, shadowing a solid gold ribbon and gold brooch. The interior corners are slatted for the wording layer and designed to look similar to the stain glass present in Beast's Castle. The infamous rose is also present amongst the wording.

In honor MBM's name, Cinderella, probably Disney's most popular princess, has the honor of being next! The invitation designed for Cinderella is nothing short of glamorous! The angle of the invitation, takes the shape of the glass slipper, while the glitter is intended to present the magic from the fairy godmother. The satin white ribbon and shimmer blue backing, are a perfect match to Cinderella's ball gown, with a simple brooch to add additional drama. Let's keep a close eye on the 2015 release of Disney's Cinderella movie and see if they stick to the original blue.

Disney's second oldest princess, is Aurora or as many of you know her... Sleeping Beauty. We tried to stay consistent with the vintage book style fonts for this one, as this movie begins and ends with a book opening and closing, representing Aurora's story. We ultimately decided on a book fold invitation to match the ideas presented in the movie. The gold and pink colors were used to match both her gown and her golden hair... the feel of the gold invitation, also represents the past.

Disney's Oldest Princess is Snow White... The colors used here are indicative of this porcelain beauty's dress and cape. We couldn't leave out the magic mirror, which encompasses the wording for the big day! The bow that adorns the front and interior pay homage to the bow Snow wears in her hair.

For our two newest princesses...

Rapunzel...The tangled movie gave us long golden locks, finished with flowers as well as Rapunzel's purple dress. The paper colors reflect her dress and the flag of her kingdom. The yellow ribbon and flowers, not only represent her hair, but also the golden sun logo the movie often showcases, in addition to the lanterns.

Lastly, is Elsa. The movie Frozen has gone viral, and while our original frozen invitation is performing wonderfully, since Elsa is so current, we decided to make another invitation to intensify the collection.
We've added sparkle to the pocket and exterior flap to denote winter... The white tulle bow and brooch parallel snow (and Olef) and the shimmer of the ice castle Elsa creates in the movie. The interior snowflake design and rhinestones are indicative of Elsa's swirling frozen magic!

If you have a love for Disney and the Princesses, these invitations are perfect for you and sure to impress your guests.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming line of Children's Invitations. Not only will they be Disney inspired, but also simple child friendly designs. For a sneak peak, please see our children's version of the tangled invitation below!

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