Monday, October 20, 2014

A Christmas Party for the Queen....

This past week MBM has the privilege of designing and crafting a Christmas Party Invitation for Ms. Colorado 2013, Mina Muirhead.

Specifically, the Christmas Party would play host to all of the recent Pageant Queens from each state. 

Ms. Colorado chose beautiful colors for the invitation, envisioning something sparkly, to mirror these beautiful ladies and their dynamic work with various charities. While it is a Christmas Invitation, uniqueness was a strong factor, straying away from your standard red and green colors. Inevitably teal glitter was chosen as the backdrop of this super fancy invite.

In an effort to make the invitation stand out, we chose a swirly font for the important wording, using Bickham Script and swashes, highlighted in teal colored fonts. 

A matching RSVP card was included in the suite for the Queen's responses. The traditional 'M' for the name line was replaced with 'Queen.' 

As with many of our custom created invites, the back of the invitation included our signature stamp.

We were so excited to be a part of the planning and hope the Queen's have as much fun at the party as we did designing the invites!

Keep  your eye out on etsy as these beauties will be available for purchase this week!! 


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