Friday, July 11, 2014

Glorivette's Creations

Relationships are an extremely important part of life, that is no exception for business owners. Having strong vendor relationships make day to day business activities easier, for a number of reasons. It's always great to know that there are other people who share in your passion for you creative projects and understand how important your clients are to you.

As an etsy seller, we want to introduce one of our favorite fellow etsy shops... Glorivette's Creations. Glorivette puts a unique spin on useful items such as every day organizational tools, decor and fashionable jewelry. One of the main reasons, aside from the gorgeous items,  we love Glorivette's shop is simply because she boasts a little bit of everything!

Who better to tell you about her products than the super talented creator herself...

A Message From the Owner:

Glorivette's Creations was founded in 2005. I aim to create handmade items that are unique, beautiful, and affordable. Glorivette's Creations is unlike any other business because it simply has a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I have items for all ages and every style. My goal is to make unforgettable items that people want to treasure forever. 


We want to showcase a few different  items from Glorivette's Creations. However, you can visit her shop and view all of her gorgeous pieces by clicking the shop name above.

First up are these adorable custom pillows that include your baby's birth announcement! This is such a great way to decorate your baby's nursery or a perfect gift to give to the proud parents or grandparents. These can also be customized a little differently...

Glorivette Says:

My Announcement Pillow is truly a unique and customizable item. Great for any person or occasion. Many customers have used these 12 x 12 pillows to announce the birth of a child, marriage, or family tree! This item keeps people talking and definitely a thoughtful gift for anyone.

The second featured item are handmade Pillow Letters. You can get one, two or 20! Since they're handmade, any name is available in any color!

Glorivette Says:

Pillow letters are something I have been creating for some time! They are great for names, especially if you have a unique name like "Glorivette". My name is one you can not find when shopping in a store looking for "personalized items". I can make any size name, long or short! Many people have used these pillows for decorating beds and even as wall decor in children/teen rooms!
Lastly, MBM's personal favorite! Unique Dry Erase Boards!! Not only are these boards made to match any room in your house, they are extremely functional. Whether you like glitz, sparkle, flowers or rustic, one can be tailored to your particular style.

Glorivette Says:
I was inspired to create lovely framed dry erase boards when I decided I was done with having sticky notes cluttering my space! Sticky notes are small, get lost, and are a waste of paper. Now I have a board in almost every room of the house (all matching the room's decor). For example: In my kitchen I have my "Need To Buy List", in my sons room (2 years old) he has his "Bed Time Check List", which he looks forward to checking off every night.
We are so very excited to be able to blog Glorivette's unique ideas and more so showcase her exceptional talent!! MBM is happy to know someone who shares in our love of creativity. We hope that you get to visit Glorivette's Creations  and take advantage of the beautiful items that are for sale.


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