Friday, August 8, 2014

Saving the Date...

It has been a busy wedding season at MBM, between bookings, orders, events and prep work, we have been off the blogosphere for almost a month.

Therefore, there is no better way than to re-introduce ourselves to our followers than with something we've never blogged about before; the all important Save The Date.

As you know, Save The Dates are sent in advance of your wedding invitations, letting guests know to keep the couple's nuptials on their calendar. In most cases they are used for long engagements, and go out many months or years before the invitation is even starting to be created.

Uniqueness is something MBM adores; being able to put your own spin on your wedding with different ideas, themes and decor makes us, and more importantly, your guests happy. No one wants to feel like every wedding they go to is exactly the same, right down to the ever popular flower ball centerpieces.

Dee and Joe, one of MBM's super couples, are the definition of unique wedding ideas. They met in college, where Deanna played softball and Joe, baseball. Paying homage to their roots, they're splashing their wedding with baseball themed accessories, at the same time, keeping it really elegant.

To start the fun, with the help of the super talented owners of Refined Impact, we were able to create this gorgeous Save the Date.

The stadium / ticket / scoreboard themed magnet, showcases the couple's engagement photos. Even more cleaver are all of the 'hidden' gems, including the fact that the couple is watching themselves on the scoreboard that includes all their wedding details. The ball, strike and out count is  even their wedding date! 

Dee and Joe chose the beautiful Il Tulipano for the reception; their logo is seen on the top right. The brides family church, St. John Canty, will be the setting for the ceremony and is showcased on the top left. The ticket location section tells the guests to ' Get Ready 2 Play. ' 

It's easy to get lost in the details of this creative piece, and so fun once you notice everything going on. The custom created logo finishes the bottom of the save the date!

We are very excited to begin working on this wedding and look forward to bringing you more baseball details of the big day!

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