Monday, August 19, 2013

Josephine and Sammy - Part I

With JoSam’s impending nuptials, we wanted to bring you a preview of what’s to come this Saturday…. 


We first met with Josephine and Sammy about 19 months ago. It only took one hour before we realized just what Josephine was envisioning for their wedding…. Dripping Diamonds and Flowing Feathers - Beautiful taste for a beautiful bride (and of course, handsome groom).

When JoSam left us that cold February day, we knew we’d have to be at the top of our game for this one…. not only was the guest list immense, but so was the décor. Each piece that Josephine and Sammy envisioned was not only completely different than anything we have done before, but so incredibly stunning, it took our breath away and we do this every day.

Josephine is not a ‘real flower’ person and this was perfect for us; alternatives to floral traditions are where we shine brightest. JoSam came to our next meeting equipped with photos, ideas and inspirations…. all larger than life! Detail by detail, the specifics of this wedding have been nailed down over the last year and a half, starting with their bedazzled invitations; complete with 3 inserts and design monogram.

Josephine and Sammy also entrusted us with the many other gorgeous details of their wedding, including…

Church Décor
Centerpieces (2 alternating scapes)
Place Cards
Favor Tags

...Each element more elegant than the last. (A taste of the ingredients we used are below)

From hand spun satin flowers to genuine ostrich feathers,(both draped in crystal) anyone in attendance for this one will be dreaming in sparkles Saturday night. We will say this however, the only thing that can outshine beauty of the Valley Regency and chosen décor is the exquisite bride.

With 8/24 so rapidly approaching, it’s bittersweet for us. We are going to be sad to see these two go. All of our brides and grooms mean a great deal to us, as each of you allow us to do what we love, but JoSam have been with us so long we feel like mom’s on our kids first day of school… hehe.  Josephine and Sammy have made us better at what we do, by challenging our creative intuition at every turn…to say working with them has been one of the best experiences of MBM thus far would surely be an understatement.  We hope all of their guests enjoy the hard work Josephine and Sammy have put into this day! Now… let the celebration begin….. They deserve it!

Stay tuned next week for a wedding recap and photos of the bride, groom and their décor!

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