Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You're Invited....

Brides (and Grooms) often have an idea about the elements of their wedding day long before they're engaged!  Most often it's the dress, the flowers or the setting! While it's great to be ahead of the game, there is one important factor that is frequently overlooked when dreaming about the big day....... INVITATIONS!!!

Your invitations will be the first thing that your guests will see with respect to your wedding, so you want to 'WOW THEM' from the get go!

Invitations come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs, one more unique that the next. When designing invitations, we prefer to get sneak peak at the rest of your wedding first, because whatever your vision may be, it is important to view the wedding as a whole and understand how each element works together to create an overall experience, starting with your stationary......

Each bride and groom who comes to us have their own style, taste and uniqueness to them, and your stationary should mirror that! Whether you're the King of Bling, Queen of Sheen, or a Country Bumpkin, there is an invitation out their worthy of your taste!

Below we've included some of our more popular creations.... 

You can also view and purchase our latest creations on ETSY! 

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Remember, when picking out an invitation, make sure your choice will tie together your entire event.......after all, you only get one chance at a first impression! 

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