Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boxed Up!

Wedding accessories put the final touches on your wedding day d├ęcor! They bring together the theme/ color scheme/design you worked so hard to achieve. One super popular trending accessory is that of the card box…

Card boxes are a unique (as each is different) and modern way to achieve beauty in your accessory portfolio.
To each their own, but having the bird cage, mailbox, treasure chest or the wishing well that were at our parents weddings, is not a viable option for most of today’s brides! The notion of these pre-made card holders is not only a sign for the ages, they also only hold a certain number of cards, with no room for maneuvering! Custom card boxes can be tailored to fit the size of your wedding.

Through the years, we have created card boxes in all kinds of themes, and not only for weddings; they are a popular accessory at birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, showers, engagements. They come in all different shapes, sizes, heights, tiers, etc. Whether your theme is Disney or Bling, a card box to match your theme can be done! We’ve even created a 7ft card box tree!

To view some of our recent creations, visit our card box album on Facebook!

To purchase a few of our selected themed card boxes, please visit us on etsy!

You can always email us with a custom request!

Baptism  Card Box with Matching Accessories!

Wedding Card Box !

 Birthday Card Box!

Tree Card Box! Perfect for the focal point of your venue! 

Summer Wedding Card Box

 Minnie & Mickey Card Boxes!

Peacock Card Box!

Stay tuned over the next two weeks as Josephine and Sammy’s wedding approaches, we will be bringing you preparation details and wedding day highlights from one of the most fabulous couples we have ever worked with!  

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